Do you have a nickname?

This one is straight from Facebook

When I was young, I always dreaded the first day of class. It wasn’t the different people or the new grade. It was something else. Waking up, getting ready, and heading out the door, I would picture in my head how my instructor would totally screw my name up. I always knew when my name would be called. “John?” “Here.”, “Peter?” “Present.” Teacher takes a long pause. “Aba?” Before she finishes her attempt, I exclaim “I’m here”. Do you have a nickname is what most people ask me when they hear my name.

I used to tell them no. I never thought of a nickname to give myself. (Although over the years nicknames have just been given to me). Every time my name was called, it would be mispronounced and then people would begin to stare. “Ugh.. Why couldn’t I have a simpler name? Something that’s easy to pronounce”. I mean come on my sisters name is Catherine.

Fast forward to today, I realize that my name is awesome. Not only the meaning but the idea.

Before the days of Pope Cyril VI, not many people were named Mena and Kyrillos. In fact, the name wasn’t that popular at all. Now, there are so many Minas, Kiro’s and even Cyril’s. So when you ask me if I have a nickname, I’ll tell you yes. Its ACOGWLMETDOTC. A child of God who loves me enough to die on the cross. But it might be easier for you to just call me Abanoub.

-Until next time

Your brother in Christ,



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