Unread Messages

So I was having a conversation with a couple of my friends after Lent had finished.  It was the Feast of the Resurrection.  We were all catching up with each other. Then someone says “Hey.. I messaged you on Facebook. What up with the tunish?  I sent you a snap but you didn’t view it? Are you mad at me or something?” 

They reply saying “Not at all. Every year during the period of Lent, I limit my use of social media”. This is so awesome. The amazing thing is that some of them are even teenagers. And we all know how much these teens love their social media.  I’ll be honest. While fasting is sometimes difficult, it is much more difficult for me to disconnect from the world.  To put away all social media for 55 days is a daunting task.  Here’s the thing though. Fasting does not just pertain to food. The Great Lent offers a time to fast from all kinds of things. Social media, video games, watching tv etc…  Now I’m not saying that you totally tunish your Mom when she asks you to go buy something and then blame it on fasting.  “Sorry Mom. Couldn’t pick up the Fool because I couldn’t answer my phone, because I am fasting from technology. (Yeah.. don’t do that). Rather fast from the things that normally bring you enjoyment. I am in no way qualified to talk about this. Seeing as though I cannot even do it myself.  Although one thing is certain. If you desire it and you refrain from it, then you’re doing something right.

Great Lent is over. Perhaps maybe next year, with some assistance from my friends, I will be able to do the same. Let’s all try and do it together.

-Until next time

Your brother in Christ,










P.S. Pray for me



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