What is True Repentance? {1}

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

I John 1:9

Let me preface this by saying, I am in no way qualified to talk about such a topic. What is true repentance? I do not know. It is something that I myself want to achieve. 

Needless to say, these are just my ideas. 🙂

Pope Shenouda has an amazing book on repentance called “The life of Purity and Repentance”. In it, he discusses  what is actual repentance and how can one live a truly repentant life. He outlines several different concepts of repentance of which I have outlined here. Continue reading “What is True Repentance? {1}”


New name.. What’s the deal?

So I have been thinking of a new name for the blog for awhile now and I think I found the perfect one. It comes from the doxology of St. Antony. Basically, the new name reflects the stories of the blog and the pieces in it. I hope you like it. Continue reading “New name.. What’s the deal?”

Humility. Am I doing it all wrong?

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.

James 4:10

So I’ve been on a theme lately. Well.. not really a theme but more of relating the Holy Bible to my own personal life. This is my take on humility. St. James was on point with this verse, but I always struggled with truly understanding humility.

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Hey mountain! Move!

This years Pascha Week was insane. So many things happened.  While not getting into any specifics, let’s just say they weren’t good.   One thing that was truly amazing was how the church truly prayed together from the heart on these days.  I’ll speak for myself when I say this. (Although I am ashamed to say it). Sometimes I go through the “motions” of church. Sometimes taking it as a routine. I know it’s bad but that is just how I feel sometimes. (Working on it.. Prayers please. :-))

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Law-abiding Evangelism

The Setup

It was a Tuesday. We had just finished our Pascha Prayers for the Eve of Wednesday. Our Priest along with some servants decided to do a “late” Pascha for those that were not able to attend because of work or school.  We had just finished the late Pascha and were locking up the church. Being Egyptian, a task that would normally take 5 min ends up taking 1hr.  We decide to go over some Pascha Praises for the Eve of Wednesday. We finish up and then everyone gets in their car and goes on their way. It 1am.

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Do you have a nickname?

This one is straight from Facebook

When I was young, I always dreaded the first day of class. It wasn’t the different people or the new grade. It was something else. Waking up, getting ready, and heading out the door, I would picture in my head how my instructor would totally screw my name up. I always knew when my name would be called. “John?” “Here.”, “Peter?” “Present.” Teacher takes a long pause. “Aba?” Before she finishes her attempt, I exclaim “I’m here”. Do you have a nickname is what most people ask me when they hear my name. Continue reading “Do you have a nickname?”